No More “Out Of Focus”

No More “Out Of Focus”

Shoot first, focus later?
What sounds like an impossible camera is said to be on market this year.
And this camera is designed for consumers.
This might be a huge change in Photography since it was invented in 1800s.

Lytro has developed a jaw-dropping technology that can change Photography. With this new technology, you don’t need to focus when taking a photo.
This sounds like a new pan focus, but it’s not.

Up until now, cameras capture one plane of light. With this technology, cameras capture whole field of light in 1 shot.

To be honest, I don’t really understand.

This technology has derived from an experiment at Stanford University with 100 cameras in one room taking 1 photo.

Anyway, let’s forget the details. What you can do with it is simply amazing.

 You can change the focus of this photo with the girl on the right in focus. Doesn’t make any sense? Just click anywhere on the photo and you’ll see.

 I couldn’t tell but in the middle of this photo, there’s a woman smelling a flower.

It looks as if further you go, the focus is slightly off. I wonder if that’s some kind of limitation of this technology.
Still, with this, you’d have less “oops” after looking through photos you take.

Apparently, Lytro has raised $50 million already, so it must be a really hot company to keep your eyes on if you’re an investor.

You can watch an interveiw of its CEO on TechCrunch.

Not only packaging a great technology into a easy form, they seem to know about what’s going on in the world. That means they are not just tech geeks. Could they be Google of Photography industry?

The CEO says the camera won’t be $10,000. Let’s see how much it will be.



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