Let It Ring

Let It Ring

There’s this guy I grew up with who’s like a brother to me. He’s a musician and has been writing songs for J-Pop & J Hip Hop artists. He’s got a few albums under his belt as a guitar player.

The reason he started playing guitar is me. I used to teach him how to play in the early days…. God, I hate myself for not having any sense of pitch. My first guitar was a black Aria Pro and his was white Aria Pro with a medium neck. This was early 80′s and both of our guitars were spiky… How embarrassing…

Anyway, he’s been coming to the office lately to work collaboratively in a project.

I have an old guitar I bought in UK. It’s been left alone and covered with dust. I have this guitar from Ibanez for more about 15years. When I bought it, I had to pay more than I could afford but it was so beautiful…

And he has resurrected this guitar the other day.

Wipe off the dust, change the strings, polish and whatever professionals do.

Now, the guitar looks brand new.

And it SOUNDS different. I knew for the fact, it sounds beautiful. Mellow and warm. But when a guitar is played by a good musician, it rings so much better. I was so amazed by this.

Just because he says so many good things about this guitar, I’ve googled it a bit. The guitar is 1981 AR-100. It is definitely a vintage.


I’m gonna have to upload what he can do with it one of these days…

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