A History of Modern Music

A History of Modern Music

Critics of Guardian and Observer have put together a chart of the history of modern music. I thought this was pretty good.
It covers from the beginning of the 20th Century up until now.
The genre they have covered are Rock, Pop, R&B/Hip Hop, Indie, Dance, World & Folk and Jazz.
On top of that, they have compiled ultimate playlists for each genre.

Music Timeline
A History of Modern Music by guardian

If you access the site, the image above is Flash and you can scroll through time with either arrows on the right or the slider at the bottom.

When you click on icons on the timeline, you can read articles of the event.
Modern music during the early years of 20th century is all Jazz and Folk, and things get busy around 1950′s. I wonder what people were listening to until then….

This probably is a collection of old articles put together with a cool interactive interface but I guess I’m a fool as I think this make things look so much better, lol.

Unfortunately, there is no song you can listen to although it’s all about music.
What a shame, because, if there were, I get to find someone new…

Ah, if you are in a country where Spotify has been lauched, you can listen their ultimate playlist.

Playlists are as follows.
Obviously, you can argue about genre, you can argue about certain songs that are or are not listed but this can be a good starting point, I think.

  1. Jazz
  2. world & folk playlist
  3. Dance
  4. Indie
  5. R&B/Hip Hop
  6. Rock
  7. Pop


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