This is a nice camera.

This is a nice camera.

Well, iPhone’s 8mm camera app, that is.

Super8 by J.J.Abrams and Steven Spielberg will be released in June.

The title of this film, Super8 is probably the starting point for all the film makers older than me. At least, that’s where I started.

There are 3 different 8mm films. Standard 8 was the first and it is basically 16mm film divided into 2. Single 8 was made by Fuji and was for family use. And Super 8 was made by Kodak and probably was the more versatile of them. I still have Single 8 and Super 8 cameras though it is so hard to buy films or have films developed.

Anyway, this iPhone app is pretty good for messing about.

Lately, there is a wave of “toy video” apps coming after all those toy camera apps. Most of them are only few dollars but this one is free. And though it’s free, it is pretty well made.

All the shots are dusty and grainy like those footage from 8mm cameras. On top of that, you can have your frames shaken which is typical of 8mm films.

Also, you can have 7 lenses such as colour, Black & White and sepia.

After shooting, you can edit and develop your film. Oh, you can export it as well.

I’ve shot and edited a few clips of Shinjuku, Tokyo.
During the day time.

And night time.

Although, there are some video apps I am pretty interested in, I think I’ll be using this for awhile.

Silent Film Director
Silent Film Director
FiLMiC Pro
FiLMiC Pro

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