Ustream With PD150

Ustream With PD150

Suddenly, something came over me and I had decided to experiment on Ustream live. Since, it really was a test, all we showed was a scanner at our office.

So, this is my memo.

Lately, DV camcorders are “in” again thanks to Ustream.
I’ve been using SONY PD150 since it came out. It’s an industry level camcorder but since the demand for HD is growing, I use it less and less these days.

Anyway, for this experiment, my setting was basic.
Dell Windows (WindowsXP)
Sony PD150

All I had to do was to stick the ieee cable to the pc’s ieee port. After a few clicks at the Ustream site, you are “LIVE”! The images are pretty crisp and nice.
The default setting of Ustream is 4:3 but I could live stream 16:9 without any problem.

The problem was to do with the sound. Ustream’s broadcaster console won’t show my camcorder as an audio input. So, I messed about with Windows’s settings but no luck.
In the end, I googled it, and it seems that PD150 has no way of transferring sound to Windows; there’s no driver of PD150 for Windows. So, I had to use audio cables to put the sound into my PC.

Maybe, if I use VAIO with DVGate works differently. I think I’d try that one of these days.

PD150 English Manual

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