Wonderful Switch Easy!

Wonderful Switch Easy!

I use both iPhone3GS and iPad. And to choose a case for them was pretty difficult. I don’t like any cheap looking ones but I don’t want to pay a lot of money for, well, just a case. Still because I drop my phones all the time, using my iPhone naked was out of the question.
That’s when I found Switch Easy.

The one I chose was CapsuleRebel M.

CapsuleRebel M

What I wanted for my case were:

  1. shock resilient
  2. unusual looking
  3. covers for the ports

I went through some cases before but none cleared these three. Someone told me that Switch Easy was cool. So I went to a shop and what did I find? Lots of cases that clear these three! After some consideration, I had chosen CapsuleRebel M. There is another case, CapsuleRebel that is a little quiet than my CapsuleRebel M.

ripped I bought it last March and have been using it.
A few days ago, though, the frame part got ripped all of a sudden! Oh, dear…
The cut is very clear as you can see. I really don’t know what had happened.

Considering the rumour of iPhone5 coming out this September, I don’t want to buy the same thing again, especially now. I was thinking of buying just the frame while I was reading instruction that came with the case.

Hey, it says “2 year Warranty”!!!

From the Switch Easy site, I wrote them what had happened.

Please provide us with the information requested below and reply to
this email to submit your request:
1. Your name and current shipping address.
2. Product model and color.
3. A brief description of the problems.
4. Upload a picture or video file clearly shows the item/damage.
5. Your Proof Of Purchase:

was what the reply said.
So, I contacted them again with the photo above and scanned receipt. The reply came after a couple of days.

I would like to inform you that there are growing numbers of counterfeit SwitchEasy™ products being sold on eBay, Amazon, other websites and stores by unauthorized retailers, we recommend you to buy directly from Switcheasy Official Websites. You then have nothing to worry about, you can expect full warranty support and services from us.

This doesn’t sound good. Maybe the big electric store where I bought the case wasn’t the authorized dealer…
But, as I continue, it says,

We will have your replacement product shipped out within 1-2 business days via USPS First Class International Mail.


Not only the products being great, the support is great as well!!
When I buy iPhone5, my case will be Switch Easy!

Let’s see which I choose next…

A couple of days ago, my replacement has arrived. Though they could have sent me the ripped frame part, they send me a new package. Thank you, SwitchEasy!

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