Photoshop Master In China

Photoshop Master In China

Russell Brown of Adobe is famous as a photoshop master, but here comes another master from China who is 76years old!!

Baojun Yuan氏 Mr. Baojun Yuan reminds me of my uncle who loves photography. He is a member of Chinese Senior Photo Association. He had never touched photoshop until he was 60(!!) and since then he has repaired more than 2,000 photos. For FREE!

When he was asked about not charging for his service, he says, “my teacher just taught me how to repair the photos, but he forgot to tell me how to charge”. Phmm, nice reply.

Without furter ado, let’s see his work. Some of them are so amazing, it is more than mere repairing.
How the HXXL, these photos ended up this way is what I’d like to know though.

修正写真1 修正写真2 修正写真3
These are very well repaired.

修正写真4 修正写真5
But these two are more than repaired photos.

After the earthquake and tsunami attack, someone from the local council goes out into the town and trys to collect photos from the mess. She then goes back and cleans those photos as much as possible before she puts them on the wall of a refugee camp. I guess the amount of work to repair those photos would be something similar to what he does.


I found the original story at The Design Inspiration

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