Before & After Editing with After Effects 2

Before & After Editing with After Effects 2

I’ve found another cool music video. And like yesterday’s “Loyale” video, this one lets us see behind the scenes.

This video was shot on a DSLR with the budget of $2,000!! I hope it didn’t include the fees for the casts… To be honest, I don’t think anybody should make something this good for this budget.

This is the final versionこちらが完成版です。

I like this video with its nostalgic and film-noir feel.
It’s pretty difficult to tell which part incorporated VFX.

Golden Hits @ AMAZON

By the way, the song is “Whatever Lola Wants” by the late great Sarah Vaughan.
The song is included in this best album.The album includes great songs like “Misty” and “Lullaby Of Birdland”.

I almost buy it though I have other “best” album by her.


Now, VFX test footage.

As far as I can see, the test is for slow motion and colour correction. Maybe, lighting, too.

Finally, the before and after footage.

You can see that so much work has been put into this.
First, you make a rough 3D moving storyboard. Then, you shoot accordingly. After that, you edit it and VFX it. I can’t imagine how long the whole post production took but it’s got to be a lot of work.

Because of its high production level, this before and after footage is used for explaining the plug-ins that was used.

When we hear the word “VFX”, we tend to think of something bright and new but this video is a great example of what you can do by combining these latest technologies and old film style.

Though I can’t with this budget, I’d love to do something like this.

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