Too busy….

Too busy….

I’m so damn busy, thank god.

But, because of that, I can’t think of this blog.
I have an urge to write something but when I get home, I’m so exhausted.

Writing a blog is quite a work.
I have to think what to write, how to write and so on.

There are so many people who do this every day, I wonder how they do it. I probably need “how to write a blog for dummies!”

As I’ve said, I’m very busy lately.
After the earthquake, Japanese economy came to a halt, and everything got stuck. I was worried about what to do next week, let alone next month.
It seems, though, things are finally coming back to normal and things have started moving again, thank god.

The thing is, they all started moving. All. At. Once.
Well, at least for me, that is.

Though I appreciate that I’m busy again, my summer break will be in October.
Ah, how I wish I could chill out under the summer sun with some icy cold drink in my hand….

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