The Royal Wedding, not in Japan

The Royal Wedding, not in Japan

The Royal Wedding, which is a pretty positive event for the British Monarchy, is just around the corner(April 29, 2011). It seems that people are in a mood to celebrate. Nothing like this would happen here in Japan.

There’s an official YouTube channel. On the wedding day, they are going to live stream the event. At the moment, they are showing invitation(ad?) of this channel.
On top of that, they collecting messages; yes, you can upload your message! I wonder if the Royal couple would ever watch those messages…

The video reminded me how the colour of purple is “Royal”.

It seems that, for companies, this might be a big promotional chance. T-Mobile has already finished their version of the Royal Wedding. It’s kind of funny.

There’s no chance whatsoever people can enjoy a Japanese Royal wedding in this way. Japanese Royal weddings are more somber, and I think the whole event will not be televised.

Other social medias are going to be used to show the event:

This will never happen here in Japan, either.

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