my first font

my first font

I have tried to make a font so many times but I could never manage to make a font that is presentable. Finally, I’ve made something that’s OK. So, here it goes.

I’ve used “Fontographer” by FontLab(used to be Macromedia) or online font maker “Fontifier” but my own handwriting is not great and I’ve always thought that “making fonts” is for somebody special.

tf_01However, Apple has great software benders with them. “iFontMaker” which is for iPad let you make fonts extremely easy. All you have to do is just write/design/scribble! Though I said it is easy, it is a lot of work. You can see the one I’ve made on the right.

You can download it here.
tf_01(Zip, 26KB)

Imagine making a Japanese font!! I don’t know how many letters you have to incorporate but am sure the work you have to put into is heavy, to say the least. This app lets you make a Japanese font that incorporates Chinese characters you learn when you are 7 or 8years old. I just might try to do that one of these days.

With iFontMaker, your font can be used as web font. If you access Google, you can see there are tons of web fonts. Since Japanse has lots of characters, a font file size becomes too much, and I don’t think it is realistic to use it but using only alphabets is interesting. For example, this is what my font looks like “tf_01:Only English” within HTML.

If you want to try it, you can get iFontMaker from here. If your handwriting is beautiful, I’m sure all you need is about 10 minutes worth of work.

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