Where’s My Stolen Camera!?

Where’s My Stolen Camera!?

Do you ever leave your camera behind and lose it? I don’t. Well, it seems that losing a camera is not rare and I just found a site for those who lost their cameras.
Come to think of it, my father once lost a full camera set of either Nikon or Canon in a NY cab…, impossible…

stolen camera finder

stolencamerafinder is obviously where you try to find your stolen camera. I’ve tried it a bit and found out that you need to clear a couple of criteria before you can use this site.

Criterion 1,
Check and see if your stolen camera is supported. The site needs to access your EXIF data from your photo image. Within this EXIF data, serial number of your camera is stored. The site seems to check this serial number and try to find any image files that matches. So, cameras that do not store their serial numbers onto EXIF are not supported.
I’ve tried this with my cameras and compact cameras are not very suitable for this, which is a shame really since I assume compact cameras are more likely to be stolen.

  • NIKON E5000
  • CASIO Exlim EX-Z4
  • Canon PowerShot G7

Also, mobile phones are not supported. Even iPhone.

Criterion 2,
Photos taken by your stolen cameras need to be up on the net. On top of that, they need to stay rather “plain” or in their original forms.
I’ve tried with my photo which was shot RAW and developed with Lightroom and exported to JPG. This doesn’t work. It seems that when exporting, Lightroom omits serial number from EXIF.

Criterion 3,
If you know your camera’s serial number, you can type it in. However, if you shoot with RAW, you are in a bit of a trouble since this site only accepts JPG.
I guess you need to find a developing software that won’t omit serial number from EXIF when exporting to JPG.

Still, if you know somebody out there is using your stolen camera, you want to get it back and this site is a great place to start!

I was just amazed how much camera prices are going down. This camera came onto the market last September but now it’s sold 50% off!! It’s such a tempting camera with 14Mega pixel with 10x zoom f/3.2 – f/5.9 lens, equivalent to 28-280mm..

Optio RZ10

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