Formula 1 Steering Wheels

Formula 1 Steering Wheels

I knew the fact that Formula 1 steering wheels does not look like any steering wheel of a car, but apparently the difference goes beyond the looks. To me, it is much similar to a control stick of an airplane.

Steering wheels of latest cars come with all sort of things; from CD player controller to shift pedals. However, Formula 1 steering wheels got much much more!

Nico Rosberg of Mercedes GP Petronas Formula 1 team explains.

This steering wheel has buttons, knobs and switches that control acceleration, settings of engine, differentials and what have you… As if the front side wasn’t full enough, there are shift paddles and clutch on the back. Amazing.

Controllers of Playstation are too much for me and there is no way I can drive Formula 1, not that I’d ever have a chance.


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