10 cool videos I’ve seen lately

10 cool videos I’ve seen lately

Lately, I’m a bit down & tired. Whenever I watch TV, nothing interesting in on but when I surf the net, I found a lot of funny/cool/great videos.

So, I’ve chosen 10 videos.

Japan-The Strange Country

This is apparently a final thesis project. Pretty well made. High production level.
It shows some interesting/strange things about Japan.


I’m not scared of heights but this reminded me of my one time para griding experience.
You can go up to 1,500m high with this huge backpack.

Tron(Daft Punk) guitar cover

Oh. My. God.
A guy plays Daft Punk Tron theme. Amazing technique.

Crazy drum.

Live drum ‘n base. Must be really hard physically.

Turn your CD into just a piece of plastic.

Whenever I throw away old CD-R with work data, I have to break them into pieces so that no one can retrieve what’s inside.
With this machine, you don’t have to break them anymore. ZAP ZAP, and the data’s gone. Must be fun.

4hours of editing in a minute.

Everybody seems to love time lapse movies.
Here, a guy’s editing something on Final Cut. He looks pretty busy.
I guess I look like him when I’m editing, hahaha.

1hour of an airport in 2.5minutes.

Here’s another time lapse.
Touch down, touch down, take off, take off…
It’s a busy day at Logan Airport in Boston.

Lego 8mm projector

Apart from the lens, film reel and lamp, everything is made from LEGO!
Unfortunately, there’s no “how-to”. Still, if somebody can do it, so can we, right?

138 ping pong balls

A bit scary in a funny sort of way.

Abandoned fairground in New Orleans

This, you must watch. It is so beautiful.
It was shot in a fairground Six Flags in New Orleans. The place was abandoned after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
I can’t tell what it is but I find this so beautiful and soothing.
I once read that Bernardo Bertolucci can only make films where he can have beautiful locations. Somehow, this video reminded me of that.


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